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Auditive Materials for Teaching Mathematics

Some patterns of numbers are easier to grasp through the auditive channel for blind and sighted people alike. Misaki Yoshitake, a Japanese mathematics teacher for visually impaired students, shows this by his musical version of the rational numbers, that, with his kind permission,  I can provide here for download.

Take the number

1/7 = 0,14285714285714285714285714285714285...
Download Midi-File

It has a period of 6 digits. Its periodicity is easily perceived both auditive and visually (by looking at the digits).

Now take

1/19 = 0,05263157894736842105263157894736842...
Download Midi-File

The period of 20 digits is very difficult to see with your eyes, but if you listen to the musical version, it only takes a few repetitions and the pattern emerges.

On the Homepage of Misaki Yoshitake there are more pieces to download, on Pi and on scientific topics among others.


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